Eligible to shop tax exempt, supply a copy of a state Reseller’s Permit or Tax Exempt Organization Certificate HERE

Make sure you have an account with us. Its the only way to get the discounts.

Please use this link to verify to shop tax exempt from certain taxes. ANY STATE



Tax Exemption for resale-Once verified and approved your discount will be 25% on most items. Some items are less like poultry in bags, Rabbit. Delivery fees are full price. Its pre-set so you can play around with it in the cart.

Tax exemption for nonprofit:

you will get 7% off your bill. Buy 50Lb cases you will get an additional 7 % off all 50 s.

Please let us know if you have a tax exempt approval from your state.

     For now just send an email to raawenergy@yahoo.com. In the subject put    Tax exempt, I will file it.

     When we begin to start the all new B2B you will receive an email to submit your exemption document on our web site. Then be ready to receive automatic discounts on our web site along with your tax exemption. We are looking to have between a 5-30% price reduction depending on the item - and amount purchased. Still working on.


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