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No USPS - UPS - or common carrier.

Our Co-Ops are designed to save YOU, time and money. Buy any amount of food for ONE low shipping charge.

  • Get the best food you can buy delivered close to home.
  • Please follow all the instructions for an effortless transaction.



Sign up in our notification system  and buy your food no less then 7 days before delivery .

Check the delivery schedule. It is configured for the entire  year. Please reference it to properly time order submittals. Delivery dates ( posted on Raaw Energy's website) are usually every 4-5 weeks. It is recommended you purchase a minimum of 35 days supply so you never run out. 

  • Orders are to be placed DIRECTLY with Raaw Energy NO LESS THEN 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the delivery. 
  • Payment for food and delivery are made directly to Raaw Energy. Food will not be delivered if not paid for in advance.
  • When ordering YOU MUST add "your co-op delivery charge" from "your co-op" in the shopping cart with your order. (Missing Co-op Delivery Charges will hold up your order and may miss the delivery date)
  • LATE ORDERS (less than 7 days before delivery date) REQUIRE the addition of a late a co-op charge and late delivery charge to your cart or your order will be held and may miss the delivery date.


  • Food is delivered to the designated CO-OP site.
  • There is no refrigeration at the CO-OP location. 
  • It is your responsibility to pick up your food on the delivery date and at the time specified. 
  • Your order is unloaded from our truck by our driver. You must be patient and allow us to separate and account for all orders before you load your Raaw Energy food order into your vehicle. 


Once the food is dropped off at a co-op, it is NO LONGER  Raaw Energy's responsibility.
You are required to pick up your food at the specified date/time.

Any product discrepancies need to be resolved between the purchaser and Raaw Energy.
An e-mail must be sent to ON THE DELIVERY DAY.  The next day is to late to resolve any issues. 
The issue must be confirmed by the co-op leader and our driver for us to take action.

On rare occasion we may run out of an item. We will do our best to notify you and ask you for a second choice. If that is not possible we will send a substitute similar in content and price.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We will resolve any and all issues. You always have a choice with Raaw Energy.You can either return an item next delivery for full credit or not accept it on delivery for a full credit.

Our goal is to provide top notch food for a GREAT price AND inexpensive shipping. 


All sales are final, no refunds.
Exchanges are available only if in the original case. There is a 50% restock fee if food is sent back on deliveries when the order is correct.
If you pay the Co-Op fee or Home delivery fee: It is your responsibility to pick up your food on the delivery date and time specified and follow the rules in this disclaimer.
You must know where and when to pick up in advance, If you do not show up, YOU LOOSE YOUR FOOD AND YOU CAN NOT USE OUR CO-OP SYSTEM AGAIN.
Any issues regarding delivered food must contact ON THE DELIVERY DAY.
Problems must be confirmed by the driver and the co-op leader on delivery day for us to resolve any issues.
We must have a record to address any issues or we cannot help in fixing a problem.
When the food is delivered, we meet at the scheduled time for efficiency. The delivery is not guaranteed to be exactly there is a plus or minus of 45 min for deliveries things happen on the road that are beyond our control. Our goal is to be on time.
Prior arrangements can be made with the Co-Op leader