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Lifes curves - raw dog food

A trusted friend betrayed our family. I was looking to have a person run our place what better then a friend more the 4 years. Fun person respectful and Mindful for me my wife and all of our employees here at Raaw Energy. 

Anthony started an Instagram account his job title was customer recruitment accelerator, I came up with this tittle because he was "salesman of the year for Ford." My mistake was to let him use his account to do it. in 3 months using Raaw Energy's name he recruited more then 700 followers. Ultimately he change the name and bad mouthed us. Hence, stealing the customers that were following. Proof? All the pictures are from my property.


When looking back now there were signs of issues: We offered him full time 40 hours but he was always late. I made the mistake of accepting it, I thought we should not come down on a friend. This turned into 1 year of 2-4 hour shifts. For me it was embarrassing, a customer or an employee would ask me when he would be here and i just did not know.


The final draw. He is selling another dog food company's food. Made items with his name on it instead of Raaw energy.

So, not only did we loose a friend, but we learned how to look for greedy people. His greed cost him a few friendships, and a full time job. 

If you know who I'm talking about, remember this. He will do the same thing to whomever cross his path, beware of the bull, he just has ill intentions.